3ds max Designs

Hey guys just thought I would show some of my skins for my game
everything is custom made in 3ds max 2019.
Feel free to have any concerns on the work I’m sure you guys will like my progress so far.

I don’t claim to be the best or am professional I just do this on my free time.

Working IG Animation also

I do plan on making all old school cars and getting them to work IG.
Hopefully that all pans out.

Shoutout to dec for getting the custom classes working he is pro.
I will revamp that prob next month.

Remake of gw2 Skins lol


Thanks for sharing

This is some awesome stuff, especially since you mentioned it’s more of a hobby for you.

I have tried many times to learn 3D, mostly using Blender because it’s free. Every time I try I find myself trying to rush through a long, drawn-out, YouTube tutorial to try and get to the stage you’re at.

I am really impressed by your work and would love to know how you learned 3D. Any advice for an absolute beginner?

Character design, color choice, effects are really nice, excellent work.

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