3rd Graders

This K teacher has been learning how to be a 3rd grade teacher for a long term subbing position! I use my illustrations on my teaching slides and the kids asked if I could make characters of them! Many many hours later, I am done! Good thing there are only 12 students. I presented their pictures to them yesterday and they had a lot of fun looking for each others “strings” and then were finding them in their own clothes. :).






These are all so adorable. I bet they loved them and had a fun hunt looking for the strings :smiley:

Beautiful work KK!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Fun! I’ve always liked your illustrations, you have a great consistency as well as breathing a lot of personality into them. They appear deceptively “simple”, but like I said, they have an authenticity to them that can be hard to pull off yet you do it well.

As always, very, very nice!

I’m also positive that you’re an absolutely wonderful teacher. You drew each child in the class. Wow! I can’t think of a better way to convey to each child that he or she is important and matters. Fifty years from now, these kids will remember this.

As always, good job. Remarkably consistent in your personal style.

I’ll be interested to see how you present them in side-views (or semi-side-views).

Thank You for your kind comments. It means a lot coming from Real Professionals!

I also made black and white versions and put together a coloring book. :slight_smile:


I’ve tried. But just doesn’t click for me. :/.

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I agree. As an illustrator, this is one challenge one must overcome.

There is no easy button. Practice is the next best choice.