4 Quick Reuse Midjourney Prompt Templates

Is it possible to confine Midjourney to formulaic design prompts that can be a consistent template?

I need help creating superhero cards that require an imposed face with five superpowers defining that person’s professional strengths.
The challenges have been losing clarity when adding more than one strength/power and needing to prompt dominance into each of those powers correctly.

Can this be coded in Midjourney?

Single prompt with all strengths combined, generating varied options with vague attributes.

Think of Midjourney as a logo creator. The more crap you put into it, the murkier it gets as it tries to combine all your concepts into one small space…
You may have to provide more focus.

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Thank you for your response, @PrintDriver.
Do you mean focusing with a mentally precise description using added parameters?

Hi, @PrintDriver

Does ‘focus’ also have to do with prompting the server to better know your requests?

Focus isn’t a prompt. It was my attempt to suggest that you are asking too much all at once.
RKK is the local expert on MidJourney. Maybe she’ll be along in a bit.


I’m far from that :wink:

I really haven’t used MJ in a long time. I am over on NightCafe quite a bit though. They both work pretty much the same. But, I think MJ still may be producing better results. However, that being said … I have never been very good at getting either to replicate similar results. I might be able to get close … but having the exact same character, but in different poses for a comic strip … nope. I would suggest posting over there on MJ. Start asking around. The only thing I found is most over there hold everything close to the vest. No one likes to share how to do anything. Maybe there is a simple work around. But, I have never found it. I fully admit that it’s not anything I’m interested in doing. I love to “play” and see what I can come up with. I really don’t worry much about exact replication. So, asking over there is about all I can suggest.

Oh and PD is right. With any of these AI sites, I have found that the more you put in … the murkier it gets. Start simple and add maybe one thing at a time.

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Thanks, @RedKittieKat and @PrintDriver
Your practical advice and clarity are a lot of help already.

The project I’m working on is developing a process IT trainers can use MJ to generate Superhero cards with their clients’ course assessments (5 strengths). The vision is to automate as few external adjustments as possible for tech teachers to implement on a scale quickly.

I will continue to add forums while I test the ability to balance the ‘client’s strengths’ and AI’s creative murkiness.

(Are there AI Engineering forums you occasionally use?)

Both MJ and NC have chat sections. That’s about the extent of my dabblings :wink:

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