8 important rules for UI design

Declaimer: this is not my article. All the credits are to this talented and amazing London-based product designer Zander Whitehurst

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Color is one of the most important elements of UI design. Most rookie designers find an elegant palette online and incorporate the colors into their design, without considering branding, functionality, and accessibility issues like color blindness.

London-based product designer Zander Whitehurst has come up with a handy list of color rules every UI designer should know. He advises to categorize your color palette into brand, functional, feedback, accent, and neural colors. Zander also covers some important points on contrast, legibility, and color blindness. Check out the rules below.

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why would someone named Whitehurst preach about color?

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White, technically, is a colour.

i was thinking about Hursts as “my white really hursts!”

Good things to consider. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for sharing!

@gaianest Welcome to the forum and thanks for your nice comment.

Great to see Accessibility mentioned!

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Thanks for sharing. I think the slide regarding color and emotion is subjective. Color derives a lot of mean through cultural connections and those associations are not universal.

Thanks for the detailed guide, as I’m new to graphic design industry and found this reading helpful :slight_smile:

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