90's print style grain/texture

Hello all,
Wondering how I would go about getting that 90’s print style through photoshop?
examples of what I am talk about are;

25%20pm 37%20pm 06%20pm

Anyone know how this is possible? a lot of people are doing it now such as (on instagram) Ben Arfur, Floating_bstrd, Camilo Medina, Braulio Amado.

Thanks in advanced

Add Noise.

Is it that simple?
What about the little mis print textures that you see on the outer edges of things like the below images?
And then blacks have a very print look t them06%20pm 36%20pm

Or any number of grunge effects, used with an artistic eye.
If these are coming off instagram, is there a auto filter? (I don’t use the platform so really don’t know.)

This isn’t so much a 90s print style. It’s a retro aged ephemera look. Something you’d see if viewing a worn magazine or comic book from the 60s.

– Grunge texture brushes.
– Background texture on separate layer.
– Blending and opacity controls of layers.
– Filters / effects.

It’s all about experimenting to find the technique that gives you the look you’re after. A program like Photoshop is so dense that you could give three designers the task of recreating something and they very well might come up with three different ways of achieving the results.

Some of them just look like bad scans on a copy machine. I agree with the others, there are numerous ways to intentionally degrade images to achieve these kinds of effects

Thanks guys ill start experimenting and see what I come up with

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