A better Lorem Ipsum?

Boom Online Marketing was fed up with the regular “Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit…” for their layouts, so they decided to create a better tool, that generates English text from wikipedia based on topics. You provide a subject and the tool generates copy within that subject matter for you.

On one hand this is cool, because it reduces the boring repetitive Lorem text, but on the other hand I think it’s counter productive to use ‘real’ text, because the whole point of Lorem is to make sure the audience doesn’t start reading the text, rather focus on the layout and design.

What do you think?

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Clients habitually want what you show them. If you show them live text from Wiki, they may decide they want to use that for their copy and talking them out of it may be difficult. My mantra, never show a client live anything that you don’t want to produce if selected. That not only goes for bad logo options, but showing live text as well.

Probably handy in some instances though and a resource is a resource.




I often use gibberish text other than Lorem Ipsum, but I wouldn’t use this particular text generator. Clients would immediately begin reading it and commenting on what it said as being inaccurate and not what they had in mind. Then I’d need to explain that I wasn’t actually suggesting using the text in question, that I didn’t write it and that it was randomly generated by…

Anyway, it would take the conversation off in a non-productive direction, which is exactly what Lorem Ipsum is intended to prevent.


And that.

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What he said

BTW I really miss Klingon placeholder text . . .


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Yeah but it was built in to Quark Xpress at one time . . .

Ah, not uni-code compliant. Still there but fake Latin only.

But I liked the Easter Egg in Quark the best. The little ant guy that would come out and zap-delete an object, then, if you were patient, the even bigger alien that came out to blast the ant guy. Wonder if it’s still in Quark 8

Don’t use this then http://mentalfloss.com/article/61003/10-funnier-alternatives-lorem-ipsum

this is true, for the most parts.

Samual L Ipsum :sunglasses:

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