A client told me that the CTA must be in the center of an ad and

A client told me “that the CTA must be in the center of an ad ALWAYS.” , “it’s Marketing 101 Man!”,
“Eyes naturally look towards the center.”

What’s your thoughts on this?


Usually CTA option look perfect at the end. If you are putting at center, then it’s lower the importance of that page where you put CTA.

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Could you please restate your reply? I don’t think I read it correctly.

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CTA option looks perfect at the end not at center.

Agreed @matthewjohn938


Sounds like you have two choices.

  1. Argue your position effectively
  2. Nod and take their money and be busy the next time they call. (Though they probably won’t call because they’ll blame you for their ad being ineffective.)

CTA = call to action?

There have been many eye tracking studies done on how people read, what they look at first, what they look at second, what they look at last, etc. The results are interesting, informative and useful. It’s complicated, but there are definite patterns.

These studies do not support the simplistic notion that “Eyes naturally look toward the center.” Instead, they refute that contention. In the absence of other hotspots on a page, like faces, photos, large headlines and other aggressive items meant to attract attention, people naturally look at the upper left corner first. What they look at last are the irrelevant things that begin to bore them immediately before leaving.

Do a Google search on eye tracking studies or eye tracking studies marketing or various other similar searches. If you’re up to paying a little cash for access to scientific journal articles on the subject, you can even find them at Google Scholar — for example: https://goo.gl/Zb68yY

Here’s a couple of decent articles to get you started:



The eye usually moves in a forward or backward “6” motion on a page.

But calls to action should go where they make sense with the content. You don’t want to ask someone to buy or do something if they haven’t first understood what the product is and how it can benefit them. Then they might be interested in it. If so, they will take action.

A “centered” CTA does not mean it’s going to be prominent. An element can be made to be prominent anywhere on a page with certain design choices.

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It’s Great Idea for CTA in Center But It’s vice versa, depend on Text and Graphics

Your client is obvious a design professor and knows all the tricks from their frequently-filled Marketing 101 class. Let them know you’ve skipped the day they taught “call to action” and for the last few years, you’ve been throwing the CTA randomly all over the ads you’ve created – sometimes even placing it on the back. Tell them your insatiable rebellious streak needs to stop, and with their guidance, you believe you will finally learn that the call to action will, and forever be, in the center of all ads. Today and forever. Amen. :pray:

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