A Couple More School Kiddos

I’m sure if my work is “graphic design”, but I can’t find a specific forum for “clip art” so guess I have to bug you guys.(if you know a forum place for me–please share!) Using Inkscape, here are a couple more of my little characters ready for school. I tried to fine tune them with a consistent line width except for a few details that should stand out, or be subtle. I have saved them as vector images, at 300 dpi png and a low res of 90 dpi. Any suggestions, critiques are welcome! Thank You!


Aww … they are so dang cute! I especially like that last little tyke. The colors are great and you get better each time I see an update :slight_smile:

I meant to say “not sure this graphic design”.

And Thank You!!! For your kind remarks! They are so fun to make. Especially when there personalities begin to take shape. :).

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What’s really cool to see is your skill grow now that you are using Inkscape.
These are fun illustrations and the personalities are showing through.
Nice work!

Good use of colors :clap: Very cute illustrations!!

Reminds me of something you would see in the classroom! good practice makes perfect

Glad to track your progress and the improvement is apparent. Well done!

Thank You All for you kind support and encouragement!

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