A discrepancy in the financial cost of designing

I am a designer from Morocco in North Africa. I think that the issue of design pricing creates wide controversy. There are those who work at a high price.
The second problem in not giving the value of the profession by the owners of companies do not know the value of the work of the designer and how it works make it in constant pressure

Working for a high return is not a problem. There’s no controversy there.
I’m in total agreement for charging whatever the market will bear. Just be sure that if you are charging high prices you have some proof the client will get a return on their investment, or no one will hire you. With Graphic Design, results are what matter, not pretty pictures.

The objective in being a successful designer is to gain the experience and reputation mentioned above to move beyond the people who don’t know the value of design. It’s up to you to vet your clients just as much as it is their responsibility to vet their designer and the ROI they will receive. If they can’t be bothered, do you want them as a client?

The field of design is still not new to an old profession.

Not quite sure what argument you are making?

You cannot control the market. You can only control your own prices and advance your reputation and skill set to justify your prices.

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Pricing for your work as a Designer is best thought of as a negotiation. I will often ask the client what their budget is as a starting point, and get a detailed idea of the work involved. If I think the job will take longer than they want to pay for, I will suggest ways to simplify the work to cut the time required to do the job.

The challenge for designers isn’t finding clients, it’s finding clients that understand the value of design. If a client doesn’t think design is strategic and simply window dressing, they’re probably not going to be a good fit for me. These are the people that are blown away by an estimate and you never hear from again.

If a client, on the other hand, understands the value that a skilled designer who can think like a marketer brings to the table, we’ll get a long just fine. I had a meeting a couple of years ago where the person looked at my portfolio, asked what my hourly was, and told me I could raise that by 33%.

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