A free web-based alternative to After effects

Hi there,

I’m working on a free web-based alternative to After Effects (much simpler of course, but covering the basics). It aims to become a credible alternative to paid motion design softwares, like Photopea is a credible one to Photoshop.

I could just paste the link to the website here, but that would probably flag the post as plain promotion, which is not allowed by the forums rules, so I am asking first:

Is anyone interested to know more about it ?

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Thanks for asking first. You’re correct; if you had simply tried to post a link, we probably would have removed it as spam. Besides, the forum software prevents new forum members from posting links. I’ve upped your permissions, which will enable you to do so.

If you don’t mind getting criticism and feedback, feel free to create a link.

Thank you Just-B,

I’m pleased to introduce you Pikimov, a free web-based motion design tool:

Designers used to After Effects interface will feel very confortable here, they will find the usual timeline with keyframes to animate properties. I’d like to point out that everything is processed locally: no files are uploaded online, keeping your files private and allowing you to use the tool even if your internet speed is not optimal.

Feedback, features request, and bug reports are very welcomed

Here’s a teaser video to introduce Pikimov editor:


Pikimov has evolved a lot since my last post, with added features, greater performances, less RAM usage.

Considering all the talk about the updated Adobe terms of service, it’s worth mentioning that Pikimov does not upload your files to a cloud server, your files stay on your machine, and of course your projects are not used to train AI models. Everything you do with the editor is processed locally.


Very interesting! I’ll share this with my video editing colleague. I’ve heard of other web-based motion design tools like Fable. What are some features you’re particularly proud of?