A guide to giving and receiving critique

Hey all,
Just want to share resources from a new website that I just finished.

It’s a collection of downloadable resources designed to help people give and receive effective critique in order to improve their work, their process and their workplace. Formed from my experiences teaching design over the last 20 years. I made the site to use as a reference for my classes (and as a tool for my students) but have found that many other educators have been interested in using it as well.


Do you want me to start with how impossible that is to read?

Ha! Sure, that’s a great place to start. I guess that depends on how you’re viewing it. The posted files are just jpgs of the downloadable pdfs from the site to show people here what the project looks like. GDF doesn’t allow you to include links so I couldn’t post the site url which is formatted and sized for screen viewing.

The one with all the white squares looks like one of those optical illusions.

I love the topic @tfergusonsauder! A few years ago I made a e-learning module about dealing with feedback, which I then made part of the launch package for a new global customer survey for my company. I think I had some of your advice almost word by word, but others I did not think about.

Anyway… To the critique: Part and parcel is to break everything down into digestible chunks, for which I would use some infographic illustrations for each advice. Don’t throw everything together on a wall like some stack of memory cards you aim to learn by heart. Developing a growth mindset does not work like that. You can plant seeds and add nourishment, but the growth has to come from within. Don’t spell things out so bluntly, rather let your audience paint by numbers, if you know what I mean.

Agreed - thanks for the feedback. As I mentioned in my last response, what’s posted here is an image of the poster which would be physically printed much larger. The web version has been split up and the white sections are significantly larger to address the visual strain you get from viewing the poster at small sizes.

All well,

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Thanks @OVOAO Nice to hear we’re on the same page. Admittedly, most of the content is not new to people working in design - this is just an attempt to present it simply as a tool for teaching people to use critique more in their spaces. I developed it to use in my classroom and studio with my design students.

Thanks for the crit. Funny, again I think we’re on the same page. The web version actually has a lot more text that you can click to reveal - for these posters I was trying to simplify as you are saying. Your point on growth mindset is a good one and I’ll sit with that for a while. I’m also currently working on preparing a presentation I’ll be delivering on this content and am right in the middle of developing simple graphics for the Critique Vocab section - your thoughts on “digestible chunks” makes me feel like I’m moving in a good direction.

Thanks again - I appreciate the thoughts and you taking the time.

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May I give a subjective and somewhat authoritative critical critique with you and share my opinions, looking for what works, consistency, and presentation?

Sure thing!

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