A little Mailchimp email marketing

So we have this client and the content is hard to market. Its super niche and there’s a few other things going on. However, after 2ish years we finally convinced her to let us do a trial run on her social media/email marketing.

Under the previous lady, her email marketing was 360ish clients | 40-57 email opens | >1% site traffic (a click or so)

Yesterday her marketing reached 413 clients (she had 40 new clients since last month) | 63 email opens | 1% site traffic (4 clicks)

The social media was hit or miss and was more successful on Instagram and Twitter with a total of 12 redirects to her site out of 125ish interactions or so.

What we we then realized was the repair work we had to do…
What the marketing director was sending out vs what we put out yesterday:


That’s great!

People like pictures and algorithms like things that get interaction … any interaction. Even just in daily Social media life. Put up a status with only text … you will be lucky if 3 people see it. Stick a picture of a cat on it and the crowd goes wild.

From my experience anyway :wink:

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Or better, tell someone there is a picture of a cat on it and they’ll go back and look!
(you got me RKK!)

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