A new record for me

This week I had to design a logo that had 51 letters! Our former governor has terminal cancer. We’re opening a public policy center in her name. To raise money for it, we’re having a gala. It’s not the most beautiful logo or a portfolio piece but at least everything fit decently and it won’t have significance after the event.



I think it all hangs together as a unit and looks pretty good — especially considering the difficulty of squeezing in all those letters.

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Do you get to go to the Gala?

51 letters in one logo? That’s crazy. You did a nice job with it, that certainly is a challenge.

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Thanks Just-B and Craig B! She likes it so I’m satisfied.

PrintDriver, I’m on the guest list!

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I think you did a great job CF!! :slight_smile: I’m glad you get to go to the Gala :heart:

My nosy self does however need ask … why 51 letters? There has to be a story to that :wink:

Lol it just worked out to be that many!

LOL … Ok … my old brain interpreted that you had to have 51 letters for some reason :wink:

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