A prompt for an extreme simple ink sketch

Can anyone help me how to describe a simple ink sketch like in this examples in a midjourney prompt? The results are always too detailed for me. I want it to look like a quick sketch, semi-unfinished, with no color fill, just sparse hatching.



What have you already tried?

I don’t use midjourney, but my immediate guess would be using the term doodle. And I’m not sure if it would understand but maybe dry erase sketch or sharpie sketch.


I don’t know about MidJourney, but here’s what I got with Adobe’s Firefly using the following prompt. I couldn’t get Firefly to make in simpler no matter what I asked it to do.

“Create a badly drawn and extremely simple minimal and amateurish, quick, black and white doodle of a mountain road composed only of thin lines that look as though they were drawn by a blind monkey using a broken popsicle stick that was dipped in invisible ink.”


You could try the term, scamp.

Ha, I took your approach and tried to dumb it down more. I’m not sure I had much luck in Firefly.

This was my final prompt:

“minimal, minimal, minimal, black and white only, an extremely simple minimal quick, rough, unfinished, doodle of a mountain road, drawn with a black fine tip marker, drawn by a child, white background, very few lines, no grays, no shading, sparse”

Using “simple” “doodle” and “black and white” as styles. It is odd how even telling it white background it ignores it.

Thank you.

CraigB: I’ve tried your prompts, but I’m just getting too much detail and filling.


I had always tried prompts like “extreme simple ink sketch of a mountain road, no filling” so far. But the results are still too detailed and too filled out for me.

Does anyone else have any ideas on how I can solve this?


Grab a pen and a piece of paper?
I’d be done by now (the time it took to read this thread.)


PrintDriver — that’s exactly what I was thinking. Just draw one by hand, for goodness sake!

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