A Search Engine That Doesn't Track You

I’m giving this a spin for a bit to see if I’m happy with the results.


Yes, it’s surprisingly good given they don’t have Google’s resources. I wonder if good search is becoming a commodity.

I’m using it too and have set it as default search engine in all my browsers. Not many times it’s missing things. Only for the little times I get the feeling the result can be better I temporary use google. For the rest everything in DuckDuckGo.

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If other search engines would search as good as google there would be no reason to use Google search anymore. Like @Steve_O I’m surprised DuckDuckGo is doing this so well already. They even have a competitor for google maps

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Some of the search engines that doesnt track you-
Search Encrypt.
Try Search Encrypt’s Chrome Extension

Pair this with a VPN and tor browser and no one knows who you are.

There is also https://www.ecosia.org/ who use the money they earn to plant trees. They are also very privacy conscious and you can switch off what minimal tracking they do completely.

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