A simple Question about Layout

Hi, I’m a beginner and trying to make my own portfolio. i’ve created a bunch of ideas with their standard sizes… But, when i decided to mock it up, i realized the mockup size is not the same as the thing i have created. Now, in the case like this, here is my awkward question. Should i expand the whole document like image number 1 or expand only the background and keep the context unspoilt like number 2? What do you usually do?

In this case, my size was w=1080px, h=1920px, but the Mockup is w=1280px h1920px
Sorry for terrible grammar. Trying to improve my English.

You’re always going to have to adapt your layouts for different situations.
You can start with a business card - end up with a leaflet - this needs to be turned into a poster - which needs to be turned into a pull up banner - which needs to be turned into a projection on a building - which needs to be turned into a building wrap - which needs to put on the side of a plane, on a mug, on a pen, on a t-shirt, on a car, on a skateboard.

So I’d show examples of the leaflet in its pure layout state - then show how it was adapted to fit other mediums.

Pick the one that offers best legibility and use of space.

It’s not that difficult to pick the correct one.

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Welcome aboard.

The way to do it, as Smurf said, is design for each application. That’s part of designing anything. You need to make sure that sizes, white space, negative space, etc works for all sizes and formats you need to work with.

For example, in your two examples, the top one sits in the space better, however, it is too close to the edge. On the second version, things are too small and start to look unrelated. However, although a bit too far in from the edge, they don’t look like they are falling off, as they do in the first one. You need to find that sweet spot – or work with proportionally adjusted grids.

All that said, the overall look is nice and strong. What I would say, however, is that it doesn’t immediately tell us what it is all about. On a pull-up banner, it really needs to, as you have audience interaction of seconds (if you are lucky) as people walk past it – unless of course, it is to be cited in a captive environment, where context is already understood.

Not at all a bad start though. Are you a studying design at university?

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Oh, Interesting. Thank you so much.

Thanks, i appreciate you.
No, i’m not studying, i just bought some courses and really need to learn more.

In example 1 the text is too close to the edges, which alone gives you the answer.

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My advice would always be to get yourself educated at a decent, accredited university if you have any talent. Online courses just won’t cut it and you’ll end up bottom-feeding with the crowd-source brigade.

Nobody has mentioned it - and it spotted it as soon as I saw it - but it’s bothering me now so might as well say it.

Is the product



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Uh yes, you’re right, seems i need to be more careful. :laughing: :see_no_evil: That’s separated, i have to put a spacebar in there. Thanks again.

It may just be me, but your answer to Smurf2’s question is not quite clear. Please upload an example of your fix.