A supreme logo with text over riding in supreme

I am actually a learner at illustrator. I wanted to make a logo of supreme with text “vibe” going thorugh it. I wanted that design for my phone case. I have written supreme and that vibe text all over. But in supreme i have a red background. I am having a lot of trouble in erasing that text (which is black) off the red background. I want it to stay just on “supreme”. I don’t know the exact masking technique for that. Can anyone help??? please !!

Select Supreme
Text > create outlines
Paste in place
Arrange to front
Select front Supreme and the “vibe” gang
Object > Clipping Mask > Make.

That’s the down and dirty method.
If you really mean Logo… You can’t have all that crap behind a mask.

In that case you would
select all
Text > create outlines (I’m assuming the red lines in the vibe gang are not an element.)
deselect all
select vibe gang
Object > compound path > make (you may not need this step)
select supreme
Paste in place
Arrange to front
Object > compound path > make
Select vibe gang and top supreme
Pathfinder > Crop. That should remove all the vibes outside the letters.
I’m doing that from memory. Might have missed a step somewhere.

If this is a “logo” it is too busy with too many tiny elements.
Just sayin…

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