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Hello, my name is Stephanie and I am a student at the Södertörn university, Sweden. I am currently conducting a study on Procreate for my candidate essay. For that I need to collect data on how users experience the interactive features when drawing. The student work is carried out as part of my education at Södertörn University, which is legally responsible for the the personal data processing. The answers of the survey will be completely anonymous for me and other readers. If you could please take a few minutes to answer these questions it would be really helpful to me. The survey is answered in the web-based survey tool Google Forms which is a cloud service outside Södertörn University. Google will therefore save your IP-address. The survey will be closed on the 2nd of december 2018. If you could please share this with other users that would be really helpful!

Thank you so much for taking your time!

To the survey

(I hope this is the right category for this thread, if it’s not please direct me to the right one)

Not only are you looking for users of ProCreate, your potential respondents also need a Google log-in to fill out the survey. Kinda gonna skew your results there if (gasp) someone doesn’t have a Google log-in.

Hi thank you for your feedback! The survey was locked to only google members(sorry!), it is now opened for everyone.

Totally not what I thought this was going to be about. :wink:

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Never heard of it. Tried to say that but your survey won’t allow for that answer.

That survey is more ad-like than it is a survey.
Anyone who uses the tool isn’t going to prefer one brush over any other and why. They are going to use the appropriate brush for the art in question. Or at least one would hope.
It reads more like a list of features.

The study will be about if the application can follow certain design attributes from a theory I am reading about (Lim e. al. 2007 Interaction gestalt). So the survey has nothing to do with which brush you like or why you like it. It’s more of a study to see if the application can visually show your choices well and if you like how the application does it.
Example: When you draw does the app show you what your are drawing? probably yes, and this is one attribute that i want to confirm that the application follows.

To put it simple: I have designattributes from an study in 2007 and I want to see if Procreate can do all those attributes. The questions for the survey are shaped in the way each attribute can be measured.

I understand that the survey might sound a little ad-like, but the whole study is on a technical level. I don’t ask for personal questions, I only want to know if the technical features the application has is well made for the visually interactivity.

And also: all the open text-questions are not mandatory, so you can skip those if it gets too personal or something. Sorry for the confusion… I hope you will try again to answer the survey.


thank you!!

**The survey is now completely anonymous, please use this link(Microsoft Forms): https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=rmkwr2F_bkmqko-d4oD3n-9nBrZx9hVEsSLtHM7VsRRUREwwOUJQOFBEMlpEMDJZUjZURVRMV09HRC4u

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