A unique clock

I ran across a video of this very interesting clock in the Amsterdam airport.

The clock, as I understand it, is a video on a 12-hour loop by the Dutch artist Maarten Baas.


I’ve never seen that … really neat! :slight_smile:

It’s really cool, but it would have been a very monotonous job to continuously repaint the clock hands for 12 hours. I saw another video showing the back of the clock. There’s a door with a window showing a video of him working from behind — just as it would appear if there were a real window and a real man in the clock. It’s a great illusion.

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Of course my mind automatically goes to … how did he do that for a solid 12 hours? :smiley: It looks pretty seamless. Surely he had to eat, drink, pee??? :smiley:

Did they actually paint it for 12 hours? Or did they do 1 hour a day for 12 days???

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