About 1st portofolio

How to make clients interested in our portfolio
I just want to start without any direct experience, just learn self-taught and have qualified design skills

The way your post reads, it doesn’t make much sense. On one hand, you’re in the first person:

You want to start what? Presenting yourself as competent in disciplines with which you have “no direct experience”? Taking on clients? Taking their money? Taking responsibility for the potential efficacy of their business. That’s a heavy proposition.

Are you saying you have already done that, or that it’s your plan? If it’s your plan to learn while doing paid client work, that would be fraud. You can’t just “have qualified design skills” because you’ve decided to “have” them.

So now on the other hand, you’ve got a team. Who is “our”? Is there a portfolio? Whose work is in it? You can’t “make clients interested” in a portfolio. Your portfolio would only exist as implied testimony that you’ve produced credible product at some point, and to offer a sense of your style, approach, and past success. To land a client, you don’t make them interested in you; you take an interest in them. You bring your marketing strategy expertise to bear and instill confidence by convincing them that an alliance with you will not only increase the probability of their business success, but ensure it.

Hmm, I understand that … so I have to make some designs that are successful and like to the client, ok thanks for the advice, I realize something now, I need a lot of experience first

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