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Actually where is the border that must be followed so that it fits the canvas we want?

1 or 2Screenshot%20(10730)

What are you talking about?
Are you asking what is bleed, what is artboard, what is safety and what might be a margin?
Hard to tell from that screenshot.

Show the whole artboard and maybe someone will come along eventually and really answer the question

about artboard

I cannot tell what that is from the screenshot you posted.
Post a picture of the whole artboard.

According to this drawing you have NOTHING on the artboard, which is to the right of the black line. If this is illustrator and not some weird tempate downloaded from some trashprint website, where the black might be the edge of the artboard and the Red indicates safety (usually yellow though) and there should be another line to the right indicating bleed.

Don’t forget your bleed.

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When so little effort made to write a cogent question that it takes more time and effort to decipher what’s being asked than to answer it, I just don’t bother.

It looks to me like this is a screen grab of a blank AI document set up with a bleed. If that’s the case: 2 = artboard size, 1 = bleed size. If you don’t know the difference, maybe this will help:

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