Achieving A Rich Royal Blue

Hi have a client that wants to have a nice rich royal blue for the background of a box that they will be printing. Unforutauntely I told them this could not be achieved in conventional printing. Does any one have any ideas such as 5 color PMS overlay? Here is the samples they keep sending me:



I see those types of swatches and immediately think of a metallized polyester film on the box, with printing over it.
Like a satin version of this:

Hmmm. Wonder if you could do something like a PMS Blue 072C with like a 5-10% of your CMYK yellow overlay would work? Something around reflex blue with another color on top. I wouldn’t do a screen but just a low value like 5-10%. Not really something you can test though unless you go to the ink company you or your printer uses and have them special match it. They do stuff like that all the time.

Although depends on your printing method. Reflex blue has all sorts of problems drying so not sure if you can print directly on top without the aqueous between? Would special match with the ink company, that’s your best route.

Reflex Blue is not achievable in CMYK printing.

Hi PrintDriver and Sprainkles, thanks for the great feedback! I will bring both of your options to the printer and see what they want to do. Thanks again!!!

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