Achieving digitally crude type effects

I’m sure there are million different ways to get this effect, but I’m wondering how one might recreate this crude, deskilled looking treatment for type? Obviously, these three examples are somewhat different, but I’m curious about the approaches.

The first looks like it may have been scanned or done with some ink like effect, whilst the second and third seem like they’re done mainly in the machine? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.



Here’s the third image


Like you said, there’s lots of ways to do this kind of thing.

Just for fun, here’s one way I just tried.

Typed the word at a small point size in Photoshop. Rastered the type. Converted the image to grayscale, then to a one-color bitmap with a 50% threshold. Converted it back to grayscale. Enlarged it. Converted it back to grayscale, then bitmap. Converted it back to RGB. Recolored the image. Saved it as a 2-color PNG.

Here’s what I got.


We used to get similar, degraded effects by copying things repeatedly on copy machines. The dog in the illustration you posted looks like it was just drawn very small using ink on a very absorbent paper, then scanned, enlarged, converted to 2-color bitmap (to get rid of the blurriness), then converted back to RGB and colored.

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