A'Design Awards

Has anyone heard of these? I received an email from them nominating some of my work. It is free to enter. But I cannot find anything on this institution.

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I don’t know why you didn’t find anything . They are all over Google and have a Facebook page a Youtube channel and a website. Google is your friend :wink:

You must not know google the way I know google. Google is an A-hole. He/she is always putting all their best friends on top of the pile. And “OMG!” he is always talking about everyone! I mean, if I shop for underpants, I will start getting ads for socks, lingerie, shirts.

I don’t even wear a shirt!


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Oh, I’m sure I am going to be getting A’Design ads as well as any design award that has ever been soon enough :smiley: LOL

I don’t so much mind when I’ve searched for something so the net nerve center picks up on it … but when I start getting ads for things I’ve only verbalized … that gives me pause and makes me think I might be needing a tin foil hat soon lol :smiley:


As long as you wear the underpants you bought, the shirt is optional. The other way around, however, is not acceptable. :wink:

As for DuckDuckGo, I’ve been using them quite a bit lately too, but I always feel as though I’m missing something. I end up searching again in Google just to be sure, which sort of defeats the purpose of my first search. Maybe I should just bite the bullet and commit myself to DuckDuckGo’s results and let it go at that.

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I know how to Google…

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I should have clarified that of course they come up when I Google them, but I was looking for information that doesn’t come directly from them. I was hoping someone here was familiar with this competition.

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It would seem no one here knows of them. I’ve never heard of them either. So, I read through some feedback on their Facebook page.

Lots of people looking for refunds and lots of folks saying emails have gone unanswered. Others are right out calling them scammers.

The phone number and website are out of Italy

Their website claims they are the “World’s more influential design award”

They must be keeping it a secret because no one seems to know of them.

I would say that’s enough red flags to stay away.

But, that’s just me :wink:

Agreed. Thanks :slight_smile:

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My favorite scam so far is a magazine that lists “The Top 10 Printers in the USA”.

To be one of the top 10 you pay this magazine a fee. <— read that line again - payment is the ONLY qualification.

So I wrote them a nice letter

  1. I made sure to includ all the Legal Elements required to prove a case of fraud and how their actions applied.
  2. Secondly, I informed them that their attempt to sell magazine space to market only those that pay them as BETTER than those that refuse to pay is sufficient to bring an action for civil AND criminal extortion (blood money).
  3. That because this was done over the internet these charges would be filed in Federal Court.*
  4. That if more than 2 people are involved, they can all go to prison together as a criminal conspiracy.

Still waiting for a response lol.

*Supreme Court ruled Commerce Clause / Reverse Commerce Clause applies to all internet business because internet extends over state boundaries (therefore Fed). Exception: unless all parties live, work, and sell only in the same state.

They are based in Italy. I doubt our Supreme Court will have much of an impact on them … and no reply seems to be their calling card on everything unless it’s self promotion.

But, if you do hear anything back … do share, I would love to see what they say :smiley:

Right. That’s what I’m saying is that this is already ruled upon. Would never rise to Supreme Court level over this case/controversy.

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