Adjustable desks

Who here has an adjustable stand on their desk at work that they love and want to recommend to strangers? I’m looking for something that’s on the minimal side as far as footprint on the desk since I’ve got a tablet I work with fairly regularly. I’ve got a 24" deep desk and width isn’t really a problem.

I got an uplift desk a couple years ago and it has worked out great for me. Came as a recommendation from another designer I work with, and they’ve had theirs for several years.

Edit: apologies I mis-read, I thought you were looking for a dedicated desk.


No worries, they have what I’m looking for as well as dedicated desks :+1:t3:

I added an electric Uplift brand sit / stand base to my existing desk. It’s been comfortable for me, and I’d recommend it for anyone that tends to sit for long stretches. They have an optional memory pad for the electric bases. It’s worth the extra money to get that.

The biggest downside that I’ve found is that, since you’re already standing, it’s a little easy to wander away from your desk.

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