Admin staff blocking legit folio

Hi I’d like to introduce myself but apparently I can’t post my folio on here, so hello anyway. Graphic designer - 47 with 20 years experience without anything to show on this site now. Extremely angry at the so called admin staff here for blocking my folio and last post. Can someone higher up contact me to rectify. also another post which is in the design resources area with a design resource was also blocked and hacked with another link. I’d like to get to the bottom of both of these issues if someone can contact me without blocking me out. I suspect whoever is responsible will put this in the too hard basket as they never bothered to read the original posts anyway and I’m sure this will break some other rule of no one complains about staff or they are blocked. This is a graphic design forum right or did I get the wrong page?

The link in one of your posts was to a site built around selling a $37 PDF, which isn’t allowed. Sorry.

Your other site straddles the boundary between a sales pitch and a portfolio site. There’s been some discussions amongst the moderators on just where that boundary lies. It does have a “Folio” section, though, so I’ve restored the link and reopened the post. I can’t guarantee that I won’t be outvoted on this by the other moderators, though.

I didn’t mean to make you angry. Your participation and experience here are valued and, like I said in my other response, it wasn’t a very good way to welcome you.


I was going to post a snarky remark about it being “too hard” to read the rules. Then it took me 20 minutes to find them, and I live here!

So here’s a link to the rules.

Rule #1
Do not advertise here. ONE discreet link to your Graphic design portfolio in your signature is acceptable, but blatant advertising and commercial links are not. (This includes posting referral links and links to other forums.) Please see this thread for more information about signatures.

Mods, there are a couple missing, broken, or nonexistent links about Signatures (do we have those?) and Pricing Discussions in there.
And they need to be easier to find!


It seems like you got off to a bit of a rocky start. I think Mr. B and Print Driver pretty well covered it. I hope after reading the rules you will decide to stay.

With that said… Welcome aboard and enjoy the forum :slight_smile:

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