Adobe are not helping

This does not help when we already get enough post from kids about the cool logo they designed in photoshop with 14 colours, as it is.

What were Adobe thinking?

At least they mentioned that variations need to be made, But really; a full-on rainbow gradient. Classy!

Well ( The poster clearly knows what shes doing.
But id say she provided alternative results and its just a fun logo for web.

I am not doubting she does and although it does say that it is for fun, it is not necessarily the wisest thing to do, given that the market is already saturated with misinformation and wannabe designers who appear to have little clue about the industry and production techniques.

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That’s the psychopathy of capitalism in action. It’s a relatively minor symptom, but when the corporate mandate for continuous growth of stockholder return, even while mankind reduces the earth to a burning husk, forces companies to expand their target market to everyone, this is what you get. [/soapbox]


Well said. I could stand for hours on this particular soapbox!

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I’ve seen things on Adobe TV and worse, on Lyndadotcom purporting to be tutorials for the trade. I’ve stopped looking and have moved on from these things
Now ask me about creating a full page white rectangle, putting some holes in it using pathfinder, then moving pictures around under it to place them, add text over the white, and call it a layout.

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