Adobe Audition CC

How does one change the sound from mono to stereo out put after recording it as mono?

If you didn’t record a left and right channel, how do you expect to split to stereo?
There are any number of tutorials for putting a mono signal onto two speakers, but is it true stereo? Nope.

It was a mistake. Trying to solve it without recording again

Well, you can’t make a mono recording into a stereo one; all you can do is send the mono signal to both channels. See here:

What is the nature of the recording?

You can create a simulated stereo effect by duplicating the track several times and then using EQ to create some isolation of various instruments. Then you can pan the EQed tracks to left or right. I could give you more specific advice if I knew what the recording is.

Thanks a lot @HotButton. It Has helped

It was in Wave Format @Kool. I have been able to fix it thanks. However hadn’t thought if this.
Thanks a lot

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