Adobe being funny on Twitter 😁

Twitter asked users to describe 2020 in one word. Many obliged with places like YouTube tweeting, ‘‘Unsubscribe’’, Windows -“Delete”, Edge - “404” and Lego - “Ouch”. Adobe got in on the action as well :wink:

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gonna admit that one circled the airport many times before landing…

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Well … in my opinion, the way Twitter formats when sharing makes it a bit hard to understand at first. :wink:

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I hate to be pedantic (no I don’t, not really) but Ctrl + Z is not a word. It may be a phrase but it’s not a word. Adobe had a problem because ‘Delete’ had already been done, and that’s the word that best describes 2020, so came up with the keyboard command for ‘Undo’.
I would have gone with Ctrl + N. And this post is already too big for a Twitter message, which is just one of the reasons I don’t use Twitter.

yeah, Undo sorta also implies “do over.” No thanks. (I say as we head into another series of rollbacks here. Just trying to stay employed and afloat.)

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