Adobe: Creativity For All

Film created for Adobe by Goodby Silverstein & Partners.

Creativity is not exclusive, or a special gift endowed only upon a lucky few. It belongs to everyone; it’s everywhere and ultimately, creativity is what connects us all. It doesn’t just open doors. It opens worlds. It transcends borders and lowers barriers, crosses divides and dimensions.

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there was nothing “creative” in that ad, the same styles, colors patterns, manga faces, themes and photos that are being used over and over again.
that ad just gave beginners a false sense that they “create” anything only with our software, which was the intent.

Hearing Willy Wonka sing makes me miss Gene Wilder :wink:

I’ve seen this ad a few times. I think it makes it seem really easy to create a masterpiece with a couple clicks of the mouse. But, I will never try to quash someones creativity or curiosity to create. Creating something … anything can cure a lot of troubles :slight_smile:

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Willy Wonka with Gene Wilder popped up on Netflix this month, I’ve watched it every weekend so far. :smiley:

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I’d say the editing was extremely creative! while the ad itself seems to focus on one-click simple fixes for things, there is nothing simple about all of that work to make those transitions look so seamless.

Young Frankenstein is still one of my all time favorites.


Kinda hard to picture that Adobe video to this music:


What a beautiful singing voice!

neato :smiley: inspiring ad.

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