Adobe Dimension question

I’ve never used Dimension but in this example is it possible to Extrude or create the 3D image on the right from the cross sections on the left? With variations in colours and opacity.!


I doubt you’ll get many responses by requiring someone to download and launch an unknown file that you’ve named “test.”

I’ve used Adobe Dimension once or twice, but that’s about it. I found its capabilities too limited to be of much value to me. Maybe if I needed to regularly make 3d comps for packaging, I’d have a different opinion.

Okay, thanks for that. I didn’t specifically try to use a link, I clicked the upload button and that’s how it turned out. Not sure why. Maybe I’ll try again. thanks for the heads up squire.

I don’t know if they added options to extrude into Dimensions yet.
You may have better luck importing an svg into blender 2.9 then exporting as a .stl or .obj then importing that into Adobe Dimensions. I believe they have plans to add extruding, but Adobe just released its own 3d platform and substance maker…but thats not free and Blender is.

Thank you BillyJean.

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