Adobe Geniune Service Alert

The next annoying thing from Adobe is they’ve deployed their “Genuine Service” software to annoy the crap out of you if you happen to have an old version of software on your computer (and by old I mean maybe 2 versions back.)

Geniune Service Alerts were meant to annoy you if you had a cracked version of an Adobe software on your computer, “to protect you from malicious code.”

I’ve gotten this thing now for Photoshop 2022 and Indesign 2022. Several times.

Yeah, maybe it time to delete, but maybe I have a good reason to have them too, and it’s really irksome to get what, at first, looks like a virus download popup all over your screen in front of your work.

I’ll figure it out later how to get rid of it.
With so many other things to fix, Adobe has better things to be doing with their time.
And so do I.

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Uninstall it
The AGS is separate software. At least I think you can uninstall it or at least disable it.

It’s a background process I believe

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This has always struck me as a disingenuous explanation from Adobe. Under what circumstances would someone not know if their computer was running non-genuine (pirated) copies of Adobe apps? I could be wrong, but I’ve always interpreted it as Adobe’s passive-aggressive way of saying, “We know you’re running pirated software.”

I don’t know the background to it - an ddon’t care to be honest, it can be uninstalled, it’s mildly intrusive, and I’ve never had the thing pop up.

I guess in maybe more countries than we are in people do buy software from 3rd party suppliers, which maybe pirated and they don’t know it is pirated.

Having a service that checks the authencity of the software seems quite normal to me, especially in space where it’s one of the most pirated softwares in the world.

Photoshop itslef was pirated by Forever21 a clothing chain that was ratted out by an employee Adobe is suing Forever 21 for pirating Photoshop - The Verge

TV stations are putting blockers up for Dodgy Boxes now, and disabling the Dodgy Boxes - but I’m sure they’ll find a workaround so people can keep illegally streaming.

I’ve no problem with a company ensuring the software is legit.

Afterall, if the software you purchase is not genuine, perhaps a discount link you clicked thinking you’re getting a great deal.
And this software opens back doors to your computer to where your credit card info is, where you life details resides in caches and cookies.

I’m quite happy to ensure my data is safe and I’m happy that Adobe run this check so that I don’t have software that was installed on my computer that opens me up to fraud or worse.

At the end of the day Piracy is bad. And I’m happy with the steps being put in place to ensure safety.

Especially if you think of places like hospitals, where criminals can cyberattack and hold important services to ransom.

It’s pretty serious.

So a little annoying screen once i a while is fine for me.

And I can uninstall it.

What’s the big deal.

Sure, I’m all for it if they want to check if my software is legit.
And I get the part about stupid people downloading Good Deals from dodgy suppliers.
I’m a paying customer.
The software they are interrupting my work about is obviously legally installed and they are now using this piece of junk for purposes other than intended.
It’s none of their business if it is out of date.

I can uninstall it. Yes.
But I must take paying time out of MY day to do it.
Thanks for the links. At least now I don’t have to go searching around for a legit means to deinstall.

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The current status of the out of date is that the EULA says you can have the latest version and the previous version as being eligible for support and also older versions are not updating so there can be security issues especially in advances in os etc

They are probably only informing you that the latest version is there and to stay updated.

Again, you can uninstall/disable AGS.