Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service

Just had this pop up. It looks official, but I can’t be sure. Either way, this is ransomware. Our Adobe Design Suite is old (Adobe CC 2015), but it is genuine. I hope this is not Adobe’s way of forcing us to go to the subscription model.

that is already a Creative Cloud subscription model

Ohh that’s why …

So you’ve been using CC since 2015 without paying their monthly ransomware fees? I’m tempted to say congratulations, but I’ll show some restraint. I’m surprised they haven’t contacted you before now.

I they were Getty, you’d get a retroactive bill for the fees.

I’d be tempted to suspect that email. You can’t have a subscription version purchased illegally.

No, for some reason I thought I was using a paid for version. The subscription fees are not my department so I did not know we were paying them. I should have known from the CC in the name.

Well, now you can update. LOL.
But it’s a curious thing to get if you have a paid subscription. That notice is not for subscriptions, it’s for pirated stuff.
If you care, contact Adobe Support to see if it is real. Their live chat is relatively responsive.

We are pretty sure this is bogus; as PrintDriver said,

My boss is on to Adobe so we will sort this out. With any luck we will be upgrading.

Anybody know how I can get rid of the annoying popups on screen?

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