Adobe Illustrator problem

Hello guys,

I have made by accident a lot of path layers and I can’t fix it now. Do you know what can I do?

Thanks in advance

Well that depends are the paths bad or good? :upside_down_face:

Really, you haven’t “made path layers”. Each one of those path entities is a member of the Group at the top of the stack. Illustrator does this somewhat automatically as a means of managing the objects on the artboard and their hierarchy. It also serves you with a means to lock, hide, and select objects discretely via the Layers panel. Every Illustrator file has a sublayer for each object. There’s nothing to fix; it’s normal.

You have the group tip-arrow open.
Illustrator makes ‘layers’ for each item in a group.
It also makes ‘layers’ for each item on a layer.
That’s the way it is.

What you do with those layers depends on what you want to do with the paths you have.

Bad layers :smirk: I’ve made 3.000 paths

Pick the ones you don’t want and delete them?

Hi HotButton,

I know that is normal, but I say that i have a problem, because there are more than 3.000 of them

Describe exactly what your problem is? because 3000 can be fairly normal on some intense Illustrator files.

That’s how many path entities are in the file. I would only agree it’s a problem if you came back and said something like, “I started a new file, drew an ellipse and a rectangle, and suddenly there were over 3,000 sublayers.”

You can select in multiple ways to delete them. Often when I open a pdf in illustrator, I am overwhelmed with paths and clipping mask inception. It happens sometimes. Are you asking how to solve from here or how to prevent it from happening again?

Is the problem that they exist, or that you can see thousands of paths and it is cluttering the layers panel. If the latter, simply click the little arrow next to the enclosing layer to collapse it and you won’t see them any more.

Might make sense to rename the group layer a bit more logically too.

“I started a new file, drew an ellipse and a rectangle, and suddenly there were over 3,000 sublayers.”

Ha ha, some AutoCAD files are exactly that. A single ellipse can have thousand of straight-line splines if exported incorrectly for Illustrator. Each one gets it’s own ‘layer.’