Adobe Illustrator Question For Noob

Hi there,
This might be a very basic question, but…
I want to centre one single word (“Hello”) against a black box. I know how to align/centre both vertically and horizontally, but I noticed that point type vs. area type makes such a difference. And then within area type, the centering looks so different with all the options, too.
What does one suggestion for having one word of text centred perfectly (vert. and horiz.) inside a box. Sometimes, depending on the font, point type looks a little vertically off EVEN THOUGH it’s been technically centred.
Thank you!!

I just tried it, and centering the type within the box worked fine, whether so-called area type or point type.

Are you selecting both the type and the box when you center them?

when vertically centering in a type box, make adjustments as needed in under area type options and choosing a different option under “first baseline”. By default it centers to the “Ascent”. Choosing Cap Height or x height may work better depending on the font and your text.

Thanks for the advice! Do you normally do Area type or point type when using text in a design?

I know this is not the answer you are looking for, but it depends.

First, I don’t tend to do much design in Illustrator any more (mainly just vector art or illustration.) But if I was doing something like a poster that had a decent amount of copy on it, for any long copy (paragraphs worth) I’d use area type. For headlines or small text uses I would use point copy.

The only time I use area type in Illustrator is when the lines of type need to wrap, which is pretty much what CraigB said.