Adobe Indesign CC 2018 update - not recognizing activated fonts

I updated to Adobe Indesign CC 2018 recently and now Indesign isn’t recognizing fonts as activated (in Linotype FontExplorer). I have to restart Indesign after each time I activate a font. It works but is not ideal.

Anyone else have this issue?

I have a lot of trouble with InDesign layers palette not working. The only thing that fixes it is trashing the prefs. At least twice a week. I actually replace with a clean copy, but the prefs are in two places now and most annoying. Adobe does not recognize the problem even though multiple people have noted the issue in the help forums.

Anyway, that’s where I’d start.

Thanks for the suggestion PD, just tried that but still can’t see newly activated fonts.

I can’t really speak to this from recent personal experience (the Windows platform actually works better without 3rd party font management), but considering InDesign builds its font cache during launch, it doesn’t seem very surprising that fonts activated while its already running wouldn’t be added to the menus on the fly.

That said, this:

…seems to suggest you were indeed able to “hot-swap” fonts before that update. If that’s so, it’s possible Adobe “broke” that capability and the engineers may not even be aware they did so. It might also be the problem is specific to FontExplorer’s activation/deactivation routines.

Either way, it can be reported to Adobe here:

Cool. Sent.

Did you check if there was an update to FontExplorer?
Adobe doesn’t care about 3rd party stuff. Sometimes it takes a couple weeks for add-ons to catch up to them.

That’s a good point PD! I didn’t think of that. I had a look and my FontExplorer X is old and the newest version isn’t free. I liked FontExplorer because it was free. I guess I got what I paid for :wink:

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