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The size of things with rounded corners. This is only an issue where the rounded corner is your measuring point, like the triangle shown, or a trapezoid or other multi-faceted shape.
And it can be a big issue if you are expecting the dimensions you see when you measure the cut path of a dimensional finished piece.

Figure 1
A triangle that is 20" wide x 20" high

Figure 2
A triangle with 2" radius corners applied in Indesign. Indesign is still telling you it is 20" x 20" to that bounding box it has drawn.

Figure 3
If you actually draw that bounding box with the rectangle tool and click on it, the dimensions you get are 18.594" x 18.9521" That is significantly less than 20" x 20"

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Odd, I just checked InDesign (latest version 15.1.2 on MacOs) and even though I used smaller measurements I couldn’t duplicate that. See below:

CC says it’s up to date.

You can see my measurements in the top left changed to “1.8594 in” x “1.8952 in” when I select the rounded corner version of the triangle.

I see that.
So it must be a setting somewhere… Hmmm…Looking…

Now, Illustrator does do what you described, but that’s because, IMO, it is using an effect to round corners. So, not changing the measurement make sense. But, if you expand the shape, then it shows the “true” measurement.

It’s a bug in the Dimensions Include Stroke Weight setting.
We always have that shut off when creating cut paths. We need a filled shape for that. No stroke.
If you turn it back on (checked) the dimensions show true.
Can you check if that is true for you?
I’m finding it hard to believe this isn’t a new thing, but then most cut paths we do are rectangle, rounded rectangle, or ported from illustrator for die cutting.

Artboaadard 1

What I got when I did it. No Rounded corners.

With the 2in Rounded Corners I’m getting:

W: 18.75 x H 18.92"

Don’t use a stroke, solid shape here.
Do you have Dimension Include Stroke Weight checked or unchecked?

Quite honestly, that shouldn’t even be a feature, but I’m sure there is an old layout artist reason for it…maybe.

I put a guide underneath the triangle and increased the corner angle, starting at 1mm, and increasing to 2mm then 3mm.

The triangle is indeed getting smaller!


Probably an engineers decision - raise it in their bugs forum. It should stay the original dimensions.

I removed the stroke and with the rounded corners, the result was the same.

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