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Hi All!

I’m glad to report that our traffic on GDF is growing, which also means I have to pay more for the discourse engine hosting.

You may have noticed that I put a few Adsense ads on the site to test their effectiveness. I know some of you may find it annoying, but I need to recoup the costs of running the site.

Hope you can get used to it, and feel free to use an ad-blocker if you want to.



I don’t mind top banner ads much. The sidebars can be far more annoying.
Sometimes it’s really funny to see what AdSense thinks I want to buy based on some of the off-the-wall searches I do here. (Sometimes it’s downright scary.)

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Just a personal opinion, but a few ads here and there are no problem at all. You deserve to be reimbursed (and then some) for your efforts here. The only ads I really take issue with are the clickbait varieties, but AdSense stays away from those kinds of things.

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Thanks, we can block any advertisers that are clickbaity or scammy.

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I agree with B that you need to do what it takes to keep GDF up and running. Ads are no issue, but then again I’m running an adblocker.


I haven’t seen any ads. I wonder if I’m running an ad blocker that came preinstalled . I also use old browsers, so maybe the ads are not compatible.

I haven’t seen any ads either?

Try in incognito. It should look like this:

I see the top banner and a few more placed in between topics.
What’s with all the dating site ads?


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I dunnooo Pan…
What have you been searching the internet for lately hmm?


trash hauling services (seriously!) LOL :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Argh, now I’m seeing ads in the middle of posts. At first I thought it was users adding links or graphics to their post but now I see that they are banner ads.

Wow, that’s ugly.

Plus I just tried to log in and got an Adsense fatal error and told me to contact the system administrator as the page would fail to load. Had to close the browser and reopen.

Sorry! I tweaked the settings. It should not do that anymore I hope. Please do report if ads show up in an annoying place.

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