Advice for a newbie

Hi, I have joined because I want some advice on getting into digital graphics - I know nothing at all so far.
I am thinking of using something like a Huion 191, but it seems that you also need to use Adobe Illustrator with this, and also connect the Huion to a laptop/PC. Is this correct?
Any help in explaining what software and machine is needed, would be great. Thank you.

Are you a hobbyist or do you want to become a professional?

It’s actually mainly for my partner, who is an artist, but the work she’s done (and sold previously) is all traditional graphics illustration and painting. She wants to learn about digital graphics, largely as a hobby. But with good drawing skills, she hopes she could learn. Thank you.

Adobe illustrator is mainly based on vector art. I don’t think your friend is specialized in this (or actually want this), maybe i’m wrong. With a computer I’d recommend photoshop for painting and illustration.

if i were you, i’d suggest to your friend to analyze digital drawing tools.

there are many like: procreate, photoshop, adobe affinity… etc. Some are paid…

Look at this:

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