Advice from Google Fonts

I think I know where I’ve been going wrong all these years …

Current number of fonts installed? I don’t know, I’m not going to count them and I’m certain it’s in the 1,000s :joy:

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The agency I’m currently at has well over 1,000. More like several thousands. Never had an issue as long as they’re not all activated at once.

And honestly, during my 5+ years here I have probably used less than 50 of the thousands. It is a bit overwhelming having so many. Especially when so many of them are so similar. My catalog of type at home is much more manageable.

I would have gladly told you that.

I help in the “management” of our font library here. A couple years ago I began adding them to the selected library management and sync software. I think I got up to 80,000 unique fonts after removing duplicates and deprecated old type-1 fonts.

There’s still a network directory of font files about 10gig in size to be added/sorted that I have barely been able to touch. It’s mind-numbingly tedious.

The users though… some of then never deactivate a font once activated. I’ve explained several times to activate only what is needed for the work at-hand, but some of them just can’t help themselves.

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