Advice on donating graphic design services?

I’m drafting a proposal for an In-Kind service donation to my Chamber of Commerce.

I’d be designing the collateral for a gala event. In return, I’ll receive a sponsor listing, logo display, etc. And I’d get to go! (Uh oh, got to find a dress and a date.)

They’ll have a written agreement.

Any advice, red flags, things to include in my proposal?

  • Set a firm date for it to go to press so it will be guaranteed ready for the event. The last couple days are always stressful for me. Lots of changes trickling in from many different board directors and sponsors who need to sign off, and each proof has to be flipped immediately.

  • I’d be specific about what I wanted the credit line to say, and I’d make sure people knew I designed the materials, that I’m not just a business that wrote a sponsorship check.


Oh, very good advice, thank you. :slight_smile:

I’m stipulating that each piece gets one revision and all the revisions/corrections are required to be compiled into one document from the committee.

It can be email, pdf, hard copy, I don’t care but it needs to be compiled all into one. I won’t accept individual emails outside of that revision document.

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I’ve never done anything like this, but you may want to have wording about your work being used for this gala and not re-used for future events? Or “updated” by another artist for future events?

Hmmm… This is a one-time 30th anniversary event, and I’m a member, ahem, so presumably they’d want to not annoy me… but never hurts to keep it in mind. :slight_smile:


Ah, then no worries. Ignore me.

Never - that would not be very smart. :smiley:

If they need more than one proof you can’t really say no, so include a price for each proof after proof 1… just in case.

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I would just write up a standard contract with a total sum cost, then a zeroed out total. Just because it’s a donation shouldn’t make it any more or any less than a standard job.
If you get into all sorts of picky details and caveats, members who may not have availed themselves of your services in the past may think you are difficult to work with and avoid it in the future.


Yeah, I see your point. Maybe I’ll remove the “one only” part. Thanks.

Also a good point. Thanks, PD.

Will you supply open/native files with links, fonts etc?

For any pro bono work, I always use the same contract, including number of designs, revisions, scope of work, etc.

Add in any credit you want to be given and how. I’ve asked pro bono clients to provide a testimonial and a shout-out (that I may provide) on their social media pages.

At the end, I send an invoice showing the value but at zero balance.

If they ask, and since it’s a one-time event, probably yes. They’ll pay for fonts, any stock images, etc.

Quote=“creativeboost, post:13, topic:2445”]
For any pro bono work, I always use the same contract, including number of designs, revisions, scope of work, etc.

Very helpful, thanks!

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