Advice please - Email newsletter apps

Hi all,

So I have been searching and testing various online email newsletter builders and really liked removed from an ease of design and design flexibility point of view. The issue is that whatever platform I choose to sign up with needs to be able to do the following where removed seems to fall short.

  1. Adjustable width up to 950px
  2. I need to be able to export completed mailers to html (including packaged images and index file) so I can supply to client for them to send from their own platforms,
  3. I need to be able to supply without the address and subscription info.

Reasons being: My client is a bank and have internal platforms which need to be used for multiple reasons including security. There cannot be any links for security reasons. The company is nationwide and therefor does not need any address as well as it does not adhere to their CI. I do not want to build using html or any other coding but rather a drag and drop visual application with the option to insert coding should it be required.

Please advise if anyone knows a platform that can cater for these requirements

Thanks a lot!

I removed the software you mentioned. You are brand new and when someone new posts about specific things, that tends to mean spam. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. But, either way the name makes no difference. You mentioned what you need. If anyone has any advice I’m sure they will be along shortly. :wink:

I used Campaign Monitor for a number of years - very easy to use Drag and drop system, with very flexible layout options - plus a very good support system.

    • Odd request - all the HTML templates can have a Forward option - even via email - so anyone can send on the mailer. I’m sure you could download the HTML and assets on request - but it’s very strange.
  1. I don’t know what you mean by this - you don’t have to put the address on it. And subscription info is a legal requirement.

Can you please clarify?

Like @Smurf2, I’m confused by these two items.

Does the bank’s internal method for sending out emails have a feature that includes HTML email? If so, it’s best to build the email within that system to take advantage of database integration, A/B testing, personalization, segmentation, tracking, authentication, subscription features, etc., the system would have. Otherwise, they’ll be mass-mailing dumb, blind emails.

You mentioned no subscription information. Are you referring to no subscribe or unsubscribe links? As @Smurf2 mentioned, this could be illegal. There needs to be an opt-out link to meet legal requirements and to prevent the bank from ending up on spam blacklists.

We had a client about five years ago — a government agency — that needed a similar solution with requirements specific to government agencies. We ended up getting them to buy a system called GovDelivery that was made specifically to address the concerns of government agencies. However, if I remember right, the cost was around $50,000 per year.

At my last job at a university, we had a similar system made specifically for educational institutions, but again, it was an expensive solution.

A quick Google search turns up similar systems for financial institutions, but again, I suspect they’re expensive.

You building an HTML email outside the bank’s system, then sending it to them so they can integrate it into whatever they’ve got going on behind the scenes doesn’t seem to be a very workable system or workflow unless there’s more to it than you’ve mentioned.

Hi @Smurf2 and @Just-B

Thank you for the feedback. While i realise packaging the HTML might be an odd request, there is no way around it. The issue is that banks obviously have very stringent rulings and complex database and bulk sending according to target markets etc. They do have internal departments dedicated to this but they do not have the capacity to design the mailers due to the amount of mailers needed. Basically the are a “deployment” dpt. Agencies complete the designs of the mailers and are then required to provide the packaged mailer with the html index file along with the assets used. Unfortunately their is no way around it. We previously designed all mailers in a design program and then sent to a third party for them to code and supply us with the necessary files. I am now wanting to bring this in-house after seeing how simple the drag and drop design functionality on a lot of the online platforms is.

Regarding the subscription info I realise this is a legal requirement however the bank has a standard line that is used on their communications. It is not a line we can implement. This is why we need a way to remove it on the final files we supply. Even if it means us adjusting the html after its been exported and before supplying client.

I hope this makes sense - I am pretty new to this :slight_smile:

Thanks again

Yeh just thought about it afterwards - you don’t need an unsubscribe line if they are members of the bank - it’s just bank communication with customers which is allowed and doesn’t requrie an unsubscribe option.

I’d still recommend getting in touch with Campaign Monitor - they were brilliant for me and might have a solution to your situation.

Really appreciate the help. Will check them out.