Advice to digitalize my doodles

Hello friends.

Sometimes I doodle stuff to relax and pass the time now that I’m stuck at home.

I’m not a graphic designer and unfortunately I don’t have much of a budget for hardware, so I thought to make this post to see if I can get any advice on how to get my next drawing to my PC.

So far, I’ve scanned what I have done, but if the paper is not perfectly white, or is crumpled or smudged it will show on my file. Plus, it takes time.

I’d like to find a way to draw “digitally” instead of drawing in a physical medium and then digitize it. That way I can correct any mistakes. Hope it makes sense.

I’ve looked into graphic tablets but found that they either just perform the function of a mouse and thus must be tethered either with a cable or with Bluetooth to a computer, or the ones that are “standalone” are very expensive for me. Plus, I’m weary of purchasing one and then not liking the feeling.

I’ve also looked into so called smartpens, but they need to be used with their own special media and their own software.

Having read all that, can anyone make a recomendation?
If it matters, I don’t need the device to be pressure sensitive, and although I would love for the doodles to be able to be exported in vectors, it is not a deal breaker. Raster is fine as long as its a common file format.

Best regards to all and thank you for reading.

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Get you smart phone, take a picture (or five).

When it comes to choosing between passion and budget, I’m afraid it’s an issue only you yourself can resolve.

Welcome Aboard!! :slight_smile:

I take pics of my doodles with my phone and then upload them to Instagram all the time. I can tell you that I have drawn digitally … enough to know what I was doing and it was never as satisfying. It’s a different animal and can never replace that tactile sensation of different papers and pens, pencils, markers or whatever… that is if that is part of the enjoyment for you.

That being said, if you really want to try it. Everyone here pretty much uses Adobe products as it’s the industry standard. I’ve also personally used Xara Xtreme Pro and Manga Studio. They are still on the $$ side. I’ve also heard of DrawPad that is around 30 bucks for a desktop PC or Mac. But, I’m sure you would need some sort of drawing tablet to go along with it. If you have a smart phone or mobile Tablet there are a bazillion apps. Like Sketchbook for instance. I have not tried any of them however :wink:

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