Advice to improve outer space themed illustration

My client said that my illustrations are looking childish.
Can I have feedback of how to make them more sophisticated?


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What is the goal of your client?

If you’re not sure, i’d discuss what kind of style the client want.

If he isn’t sure either, i’d make a moodboard or just examples of styles within your own capabilities before drawing anything.

Good luck.

I would try thinner keylines and more detail.

Surely that’s where you’d need to start refining. See, two versions of the same screwdriver:

he gave me this example as reference

Thank you :slight_smile:

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I will just refine what I have now then :smiley:
Thanks for the visual example and feedback!

Yes I suppose that will do, at least I have the illustration concept done. Refining with thinner outlines and adding more details can be done :slight_smile:

Based on the reference material, I’d say you did a good job.

You actually did a pretty good job of emulating the style presented.

Where you failed was in your inability to read the client’s mind, which was clearly saying “This is what I want, unless you can provide it, so waste your time and effort doing this for free while I decide what else I want until I get it.”

Many clients will operate this way if you tolerate it. A good policy you might consider developing is to never allow the client to offer only one example of a style they like or (think they) want. Knowing the client’s mind is one of the most important aspects of the job. Don’t let them get away with providing small amounts of input. Before you develop your vision of the finished design (let alone begin executing it), interview and research should be exhaustive. The extent to which you enforce this approach varies client-to-client, but always take the time to get the most complete read of their objectives and expectations that you can. A primary goal in client relations should be to minimize all possibility of (unpleasantly) surprising one another.


Just as an aside with the first image, the right arm is shorter than the left arm, whereas the right arm should technically be longer (perspectively speaking).

ah yeah I notice that :smiley: gonna find a way to show proper right arm :smiley:

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