Affinity Photo is renaming Arial Black to Regular?

Why is Affinity Photo renaming Arial Black to Regular?

I don’t have the latest version of Affinity Photo, but Arial Black shows up as Arial Black on my Macintosh.

However, I could take a wild guess. Afinity Black is an outlier font, of sorts, designed for the way Windows treats fonts. It’s not really included in the standard, four-weight/style type family. As a result, Affinity Black is the regular weight of the separate black typeface. That’s just a guess, though.

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I just started using today Affinity Photo 1.10 on a new PC; so I am a brand new Affinity user. I transferred my Photoshop files, I reopen them with Affinity Photo, and in the very first file I open Arial Black is renamed to Arial Regular.

In addition to that I just installed Arial Black Italic, because I noticed that Affinity Photo doesn’t have the auto italicizing option in the Character menu in the same way the Photoshop character styling menu does. So, the PSD files were not correctly displaying my text; the auto italicizing was no longer italicized… not to mention that my paragraphs with text had shifted the text too, which I had to correct… So, Arial Black Italic is installed in the fonts folder, but it’s missing from Affinity Photo and from Open Office too. Open Office still has Arial Black and has not renamed it; but it is also missing Arial Black Italic… (Yes, I did restart the PC.)

I found a temporary solution to the missing Arial Black Italic:
In the character menu there is a character Position and Transform sub-menu which lets me shear the text.

Shearing text, while somewhat visually similar is not the same as using an italic font that has been designed as italic characters.

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