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Hi All,

I’m a newbie to this list, graphic design and to Affinity products. I’ve hit the Trifecta! :slight_smile: I’m working with a trial version of Affinity Publisher (AP) which looks amazing. I’ve created a 1/2 sheet in MS Publisher (ughhh!) which I’d like to greatly improve. AP looks like a good tool to improve that 1/2 sheet. I visited the Affinity web site and downloaded videos but I’m facing the same daunting task I faced years ago with learning MS Word. There were many tasks you had to learn in Word training videos I later learned I never use (rarely use the mail merge) so a lot of time was wasted learning rarely-applied skill. I wondered if anyone has stumbled upon any Affinity Publisher FAQ or guide which helped them get up to speed with skills used daily/frequently or at least the most common tasks used in Affinity Publisher?

Thank you!

I’ve used it for over a year on various projects and I like it too.

This is one of the reasons I never go through software tutorials. Everyone learns differently, so my way of doing things is likely different from yours, but here’s what I do.

I typically know what I want to end up with, so I just jump right into it doing what I think needs to be done. When I get stumped or frustrated, I look it up. Concentrating only on the obvious, for me, simplifies the learning and keeps it from seeming overwhelming. Getting stumped, then looking up the answers really helps me remember what I’ve figured out.

Once I’m reasonably familiar with the program, then and only then, do I look at the training videos or tutorials to see what I’ve missed. By this time, the tutorials seem simple since I’m familiar with the software, which enables me to discover things I didn’t pick up on through my own experimentation and trial and error. In addition, having a working familiarity with the software at this point enables me to skip the stuff I know I won’t need, while cataloging it away in my memory as being there in case I ever do need it.

They have their own online tutorials

And they have a desktop workbook

When I was learning InDesign over 20 years ago (maybe 25 years ago) I had a book on my desk called the Indesign Bible.

If I got stuck and didn’t know how to do anything I would look it up in the book.

Internet sources weren’t really reliable or vast as they are today, back then.

Yeah learn the basics, enough to do what you want to do, then when you come across something you don’t know how to do, go back to the tutorials.

Have you found any good Affinity Publisher books to rely on when
official or YouTube tutorials don’t explain techniques well?

I just learned some of the basics in a vide editor and the co’s
tutorial were poorly produced and the manual had no graphics so
they’re referring to words, verbs, nouns you’ve never seen but
expected to know what they mean even thought you’re a newbie.

I’m trying to create a 1/2 sheet (maybe a whole flyer) highlighting
the benefits one gets for joining an org. I created a mock up in MS
Publisher but it looks amateurish.

I’d like to create something looking more professional which jumps off
the page visually.

I thought I might try gold or silver lettering with a black or red
background but gold and silver are very challenging to achieve in most
programs. I get mustard and a kind of grey.

Thanks so much!

Serif, the company that makes the Affinity Suite, has some good online tutorials. They also have a book for each of their apps, but I’ve never looked through one, so I can’t vouch for them. Given that most everything else in their apps is so well-thought-out, I’m assuming their books are too.

I don’t typically look at tutorials or books unless I get stuck. I mostly dive right in and figure it out as I go, so I might not be the best person to give recommendations on that sort of thing.

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