After Effects Image Sequences

Hi All,

I’ve been working with motion graphics inside of After Effects and when it comes down to exporting, I’ve noticed exporting as an image sequence over an animation video preserves a ton of quality on the final render. As of now, I export a PNG image sequence and export the audio separately. As of now, I’m using Quicktime 7 to combine the image sequence and audio together and exporting as an animation video. For things like gradients when banding becomes noticeable, I’m noticing exporting this way solved MOST of it.

My question is, what are animators using to compile their animation and compress it down? Are you using the Animation video codec or do you have a better way to combine audio/video?

What settings are you using when you send to render queue? Why Quicktime 7 and not Adobe Media Encoder, can Media Encoder not convert image sequences to video?

I ask, because I haven’t been using AE for sometime now. It just seems thats a lot more time and effort for exporting than rendering video and audio together then converting to the final format with AME.

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