Agent Ransack Rocks

I want to express my appreciation for a wonderful free tool that has, once again, helped me.

I’m not an affiliate, just really want to give credit where due.

Agent Ransack is the best file search tool I’ve ever used. So if you know you’ve got a file on your hard drive somewhere but can’t find it, I betcha this one will find it.

!!! +1

Agent Ransack does something no other search tool that I’ve found does. Read the whole thread:
Can you trace which InDesign files link to a specific image?

Sorry, HotButton, I’m not following your question. The link you posted is broken.

Not sure what you’re asking?

No question here Doc. Agent Ransack is my most-used app outside of the Adobe standards.

Hmm…it works here. It’s a link to a thread on the Adobe forums about finding which InDesign files bear links to a particular placed asset. I dunno if you need to register to see it, but here’s another shot at it.

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Still not working for me… but maybe you could explain the gist of it?

The OP asked whether there is a way to search for all InDesign files which contain a particular placed graphic. The answer (for Windows users) is yes, using Agent Ransack.

If you’re registered in the Adobe user forums, go to the InDesign forum and search for “Agent Ransack”.

Oh, I get it. I wasn’t understanding the connection to Agent Ransack, but now I do. Thanks for explaining!

Yep, that tool practically saved my job once. I donated to them. :slight_smile:

I’d want it just for the name. LOL.
But not that much use for it in my work.
Your adobe link was a fun read. :wink:

The link worked today! It was a good read, I’m picturing that OP dancing on their tippy toes. :smiley:

I did not know that Agent Ransack could search even software source code. Wow.

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