AI Advice for creating artwork - lingo help

Ok, so I have seen amazing AI artwork from people in this community. I use DALL-E and have credits there but if you think there is a better platform to use, let me know!

If anyone could help me with the lingo to achieve the best images, I’d greatly appreciate it!

I am creating artwork for a friend that will be placed on a coffee mug (and possibly other items). The artwork involves masking a sentence about grief (it’s a conversation starter and something very personal to her). The concept I am working with is masking letters over abstract imagery of a sad girl. I’ve come up with some images that are great but would need me to tweak in Photoshop for more legibility. But I feel like I can do better with Ai and just don’t have the experience yet of the best way to word what I’m looking for.

For my next image, the keywords I would use are the following: sad girl, shades of blue & green, feels like the ocean, sad eyes, abstract art, “not very busy”, no more than 6 colors?? – see I’m already struggling to figure out how to word all of this. Help! :joy:

Here are some images that I am currently working with but they are a little busy and need tweaking in photoshop. Otherwise, the feeling is right - it could just be better. The images should feel they carry grief but also be vibrant, have some complexity to them but also be simple enough to show clearly when masked. The complexity and layers in the concept is symbolic for the complexity and layers in what grief means.

Adobe Firefly beta gives very different images.

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I know the people here that do this stuff probably aren’t Prompt Hoarders, but the whole thing about AI artwork is the ability to come up with the words. Some say that is the ‘art’ in it, as otherwise it’s just the computer generating stuff. I have enough trouble with the flood of AI imagery out there already.

Has anyone tried AI ChatGPT to come up with AI prompts? LOL!
(OMG, consider the global ramifications if the computer starts feeding itself this stuff. :scream:)

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Asked AI chat to give a description of a new futuristic personal traveling vehicle.

did you tell it to do better?

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I didn’t really look at it to be honest. I was just playing about putting in random ai generated lingo.

I’m on the waiting list for Firefly at the moment - no access yet :frowning:

ha! genius… I just may try that next.

Yeh the images you get aren’t hi-res or anything - so if you have something better then you should use that - not sure when it will out of beta.

It doesn’t really need to be high res since it will be masked behind the letters and I want it to stay abstract. I just like the idea of lots of color and interesting art that has purpose. So it’s ok if the image is not easily seen or seen right away. Legibility of the text needs to be #1 in terms of hierarchy. If you get that “a-ha” moment later that here is a sad girl in that background - perfect. :slight_smile:

Plus the mug is small - and I think I’m going to do my own photoshopping to improve the image. I’m not too worried a out hi-res for this project.