AI in Graphic Design

Hi Everyone,
I’m interested in hearing your thoughts on using AI when creating designs. I myself do enjoy creating designs from scratch but with AI becoming so popular, are people who have been in the industry for 20+ years turning to AI to generate designs?

This is a new discipline. Title will be AI Prompters, a position slightly above Burger Flippers, with a comparable pay scale.

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Head on over to the All Things AI topic. Lots of opinions interspersed in there.

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I’ve used Bard (Gemini) and ChatGPT to clean up text or make it longer or shorter to fill space. I’ve also used FireFly, NightCafe, and Midjourney to create illustrations. In addition, I’ve taken advantage of Photoshop’s generative fill AI feature to fix problems with photos, add new backgrounds, and change the aspect ratios of the photos.

However, your question was about using AI to “generate designs.” I’m not quite sure how that would be possible yet. Feed it a creative brief, then see what it comes up with?

yes, a part of our course was to make a profile picture. a few of us played around with AI to come up with our pictures. The more detail you put into the script the better the image came out. I don’t have a lot of experience with AI so curious to learn others view points.

Thank you :slight_smile:

AI in Design, Both are Synonyms of Creativity

AI in design is a hot topic nowadays, and much has been said about its effect on seasoned designers. Here are some points to think about However, it is worth remembering that though AI can automate certain tasks like creating variations and images or you can say ideas so, it is not designed to replace the experienced designers.
AI is good in:

  1. It facilitates generation of several design iterations within a very short time freeing designers off their time for strategic thinking and refinement.
  2. AI may produce surprising suggestions and enable investigation of new design paths which might have otherwise been unconsidered.
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Yeah, I’m all for getting rid of strategic thinking…

Hi, this is an interesting topic. I think AI can be a useful tool for creating designs, but it cannot replace human creativity and intuition. AI can help with generating ideas, finding inspiration, and optimizing the design process, but it cannot understand the context, purpose, and emotions behind the design. Therefore, I think human designers still have an important role to play in creating designs that are meaningful and effective.

I also think that working with a creative agency can be beneficial for designers who want to use AI in their projects. A creative agency can provide guidance, feedback, and support for designers who want to explore the possibilities and limitations of AI.

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I’ve experimented with using the built-in ai with the adobe programs. Generative fill and match text are life savers sometimes - but not an end-all be-all type of thing. I’ve played around with the text to vector built in to illustrator and while it can produce some good stuff it rarely actually meets the style or context that I need it in, BUT it really can be helpful during the brainstorming process and that’s usually how I would use it now. If I see one that it generates that sparks inspiration it’s more like something I add to the mood board and go from there.

I needed a photo for a client of a child playing chess in a library or community center. I found part of what I needed on Shutterstock. Photoshop’s generative fill supplied the rest. I’m finding a great many uses for AI.


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